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Mexican racer missing, apparently dead of hypothermia at Ultrafiord

Mexican racer Arturo Héctor Martínez Rueda has apparently died of hypothermia while racing the Ultrafiord 100 mile ultramarathon in Patagonia this weekend. This situation is developing; Arturo’s body has not been recovered, and his family is still hoping that he will be found alive. Rescue efforts are in progress. It seems possible that there may be other racers still on the mountain, also in need of a rescue. [See updates, below]. This report is based upon information I can glean from Spanish-language

Gorge Waterfalls 100k ultramarathon race report: A dozen waterfalls along this scenic route

[By Dana Notman] 2016’s Gorge Waterfalls 100k race took place on Saturday, April 2, and the weather forecast for this ultramarathon was spectacular. We were going to experience something the Pacific Northwest hadn’t seen a lot of lately – sunshine and warm temperatures. With highs projected to reach 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (around 21C), I was pleased that there wouldn’t be too much mud, too many puddles, or a layer of dampness covering the rocky, technical trails we were going to

The Barkley Marathons: A film about a footrace with a 98% DNF rate

The 2016 Barkley Marathons is happening RIGHT NOW… so let’s take a look at the recently released film about it! With a sub-title of “the race that eats its young,” this is not a competition for the faint-hearted. (I know ultramarathoners are not faint-hearted… but this one is at a totally different level). Since April 1986, this (approximately) 100-mile race has taken place every year, in Tennessee. Around 40 runners are accepted each year – provided that they have paid the $1.60

The Coastal Challenge: Six-day staged ultramarathon along Costa Rica’s Pacific coast

Ultramarathon runners who have completed MDS, and even a former Badwater champion, swear up and down that TCC is much harder! And don’t let the “coastal” part of The Coastal Challenge fool you: the route heads inland every day, up into the foothills of Costa Rica’s 3000+m Talamanca Range before coming back down. TCC is probably one of the toughest staged ultramarathons on the planet, between the nearly 10,000 m of elevation gain/loss and the extremely technical nature of the

Nutrition on multi-day ultramarathons: Why I’m packing protein!

As I pack for tomorrow’s race start – I’m setting off on Costa Rica’s 6-day Coastal Challenge staged ultramarathon – I’m thinking very carefully what I’m going to be eating this next week. Nutrition is a much more important factor in race management on multi-day races than it is on one-day ultramarathons. You’re not just eating to get you through the next couple of hours. You’re fueling your body for the coming days, as well. And that’s why I’m packing lots

Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon – a one-week staged race in record-setting heat!

The 16th running of the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon, a 7-day 250 km staged ultramarathon, more than lived up to its name. South Africa’s Kalahari Desert is already a hot part of the world. Runners were warned to expect temperatures possibly into the 40s (and potentially down to freezing at night). But an unprecedented heat wave, seeing temperatures well into the mid-50s (around 130°F), created truly extreme conditions for racers – conditions that, for some, became life-threatening. The past few

The Coastal Challenge: A one-week rainforest run in Costa Rica

Here’s a spectacular expedition run that takes you through the jungles and along the beaches of Costa Rica – if you are willing to take the heat! The Coastal Challenge is a six-day staged ultramarathon with a 230 km route along Costa Rica’s south coast, towards the border with Panama. But don’t let the word “Coastal” fool you into thinking it’s flat. Each day, the route veers inland, up and down the coastal mountains, for a total elevation gain (and

The Golden Ultra: A tough but stunning three-day staged ultramarathon in the Canadian Rockies

Wow, what an experience! New races are always a bit risky to attend, but the Golden Ultra blew everyone away, both for the incredible mountain routes we travelled and for its like-clockwork organization. The Golden Ultra is a three-day staged ultramarathon, which takes place in the Rocky Mountains of central British Columbia – around an 8-hour drive west from Vancouver, or around 2.5 hours east from Calgary. The race is centred around the town of Golden (pop. 4000, elevation 758

Eight Lessons From My First DNF: A Very Belated Leona Divide 50 Race Report

Crista Scott shares the lessons she learned from her first DNF at the Leona Divide 50-mile ultramarathon, in Angeles National Forest near Lake Hughes, southern California last April. This article was originally published on her blog: misscristascott.blogspot.ca. Lesson #1: “Sometimes races go as planned; more often than not, however, the unexpected happens.” Laz, Founder of the Barkely Marathons. Leona Divide was the first race I ever signed up for that I didn’t really know if I could finish. The race entry

Lavaredo Ultra Trail race report: 119 km in the Italian Dolomites

Ultrarunner Daniel Rowland had been told that Italy’s Lavaredo Ultra Trail might just be the the most beautiful ultramarathon he would ever run, so he entered the lottery. Here is his race report: The 9th edition of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail was held on June 26th in the Italian Dolomites, starting in the former Winter Olympic town of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The route was 119 km with 5,850 m of climbing, and formed a part of the Ultra Trail World Tour

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