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Resistance training program to improve your ultrarunning and trail running performance.

[by Bri Wilson, CSCS] You spend hours running around that park by your home each week to get those miles in, and generally lose at least half a Saturday or Sunday trudging up mossy rocks and skipping over roots as you make your way through the trees on a trail somewhere. You need to get those long runs in to properly prepare for your next ultra – but you also need to sleep, eat, work and have some kind of social

Trail running at night – training tips for headlamp runs

As the days get shorter – at least here in the northern hemisphere – it may seem difficult to get out running on the trails. But not if you have a headlamp! Night runs are not only something fun and different, they are also excellent training for longer ultramarathons, where parts of the race are inevitably run in the dark. Choose your headlamp: The first thing to do is to get a good headlamp. Here are some of the things