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Nutrition on multi-day ultramarathons: Why I’m packing protein!

As I pack for tomorrow’s race start – I’m setting off on Costa Rica’s 6-day Coastal Challenge staged ultramarathon – I’m thinking very carefully what I’m going to be eating this next week. Nutrition is a much more important factor in race management on multi-day races than it is on one-day ultramarathons. You’re not just eating to get you through the next couple of hours. You’re fueling your body for the coming days, as well. And that’s why I’m packing lots

Tired of running on sugar? A review of some alternative energy bars: James Lewis Foods and UGoBars

Sure, gels and gummy bears might work for shorter races. But most of us have experienced that nauseous feeling of oops-too-much-sugar a few hours into an ultramarathon. While a lot of people still run on gels, many ultrarunners and endurance athletes are turning away from sugar for energy, and moving towards either slower-burning complex carbs (the starches) or to going low-carb and training the body to run on fats. There’s an increasing array of alternatives to the mainstream high-sugar products, and

Nutrition for runners: What to eat when?

Food is the fuel that we run on. But the significance of food is much more than just the number of calories it contains. As runners, it is important for us to understand the principal components of our food: carbohydrates, protein and fat, as well as how those components serve us. Once we understand that, it becomes easier to know what type of snack we should eat when. Here are some guidelines: Before your run. Ideally, have a light, well-balanced