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Grand Canyon R2R2R: Running rim-to-rim-to-rim in a day!

This video showcases one of those bucket-list ultramarathon runs: the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Last May, a group of five ultrarunning buddies tackled this route, setting out in the dark to start their descent from the South Rim, down the South Kaibab Trail by headlamp. They crossed the Colorado River for the first time around 6:30 am, then headed straight up the North Kaibab Trail to the North Rim. They then turned right around, back down North Kaibab, to ascend by the

26th running of the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race in India this October

One of the longest-running staged ultramarathons on the planet, the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race is about to see its 26th year. This 5-day event takes place on the ridgeline that forms the border between India and Nepal, at elevations ranging from 6000-12,000′ (approximately 1800-3600 m). I ran this race three years ago – so I know what I am getting into! – and am excited that I will be back again this year to report for RunningUltramarathons. The event consists of

Mexican racer missing, apparently dead of hypothermia at Ultrafiord

Mexican racer Arturo Héctor Martínez Rueda has apparently died of hypothermia while racing the Ultrafiord 100 mile ultramarathon in Patagonia this weekend. This situation is developing; Arturo’s body has not been recovered, and his family is still hoping that he will be found alive. Rescue efforts are in progress. It seems possible that there may be other racers still on the mountain, also in need of a rescue. [See updates, below]. This report is based upon information I can glean from Spanish-language

The Barkley Marathons: A film about a footrace with a 98% DNF rate

The 2016 Barkley Marathons is happening RIGHT NOW… so let’s take a look at the recently released film about it! With a sub-title of “the race that eats its young,” this is not a competition for the faint-hearted. (I know ultramarathoners are not faint-hearted… but this one is at a totally different level). Since April 1986, this (approximately) 100-mile race has taken place every year, in Tennessee. Around 40 runners are accepted each year – provided that they have paid the $1.60

Brazilian ultrarunner Fernanda Maciel conquers South America’s highest peak – in under 24 hours!

Fernanda Maciel is a Brazilan ultrarunner who now lives in Spain. Last month, Fernanda became the first woman to run up and down Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua (summit 6691 m) in under 24 hours. She completed the 80k run in 22 hrs 52 minutes. Here’s a press release, along with some photos, from Red Bull, one of her sponsors: Standing 6,691m high, Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas, is a stern test for even the world’s greatest mountaineers, but mountain runner Fernanda Maciel

The Coastal Challenge: A one-week rainforest run in Costa Rica

Here’s a spectacular expedition run that takes you through the jungles and along the beaches of Costa Rica – if you are willing to take the heat! The Coastal Challenge is a six-day staged ultramarathon with a 230 km route along Costa Rica’s south coast, towards the border with Panama. But don’t let the word “Coastal” fool you into thinking it’s flat. Each day, the route veers inland, up and down the coastal mountains, for a total elevation gain (and

The Golden Ultra course preview: Three days running in the Canadian Rockies

Here’s a quick low-down on the route of this three-day staged ultramarathon – as 155 ultrarunners from Canada, USA and Europe converge on the small town of Golden, BC, for the Golden Ultra. Sixty of them have signed up to run all three days.       Day 1 is a vertical kilometre – a 1077 m elevation gain over just 4.7 km of trail. The route starts high at race headquarters – here at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort (14

This will be the 25th year for India’s incredible 5-day Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race

I ran this race in 2013. They call it a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience – but the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race is definitely an ultramarathon running experience I hope to repeat. The race is run over five days. The first three days are at elevations ranging from around 6,000′ to 11,000′ (1,800 m to 3,400 m), following the ridgeline that is THE border between India and Nepal. Along the route, you get views of four of the highest mountain peaks in

Innovative format for the Golden Ultra – a new 3-day staged ultramarathon in British Columbia

Staged events are definitely my favourite format for ultramarathon racing. The inaugural edition of the Golden Ultra, to be held in the mountains of British Columbia this September, gives a unique take on traditional multi-day events, by offering a completely different race for each of its three daily stages. Day 1 may be short – but I’ll leave it to you whether you’d also call it sweet! It’s a 5 km mountain climb with a total 1000 m elevation gain.

You can help! Fight the ban on trail running events on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2650 mile (4250 km) trail system that follows the west coast of the USA, from Canada to Mexico. Although hiking and equestrian activities are allowed on the trail, there is a proposal to ban trail running events! If you don’t think that this is right, please add your signature to this petition which has been posted by Destination Trail’s race director (and ultrarunner and trail lover) Candice Burt. Here’s Candice’s letter to the PCTA: The

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