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A book about running ultramarathons needs to be about so much more than just training. Training programs are so individual. They depend upon your background as a runner, and what your goals are, and what the logistics of your life are, how much time you can devote to training. There’s no way one book can come up with training programs suited to every type of runner. And besides, there are so many training programs available on line.

But what’s harder to learn about is everything else you need to know to successfully run ultramarathons.

Best-selling author, sports journalist, and ultramarathon runner Jacqueline Windh brings all of this necessary information together in her new book Running Ultramarathons: The Guide. In this book, Jacqueline brings together her background as a PhD researcher and sports journalist with her own personal experiences as an ultramarathon runner. She has combed the most recent literature for the current news and views on topics that all endurance athletes should be paying attention to, such as high-carb versus low-carb diets, or whether distance running is good for you or bad for you over the long-term. She also brings a decade of endurance sports journalism, and interviewing some of the world’s top ultramarathon runners and adventure racers, to her research.

The end result is a book on ultramarathon running that goes far beyond simply training. There are sections on building your endurance base and the importance of time on your feet, on choosing appropriate gear, on overall nutrition for endurance athletes as well as race-day planning and nutrition. The chapter on running injuries goes through the early warning signs, so runners can understand, identify and treat incipient injuries before they become a problem and require a break from running. The chapter on foot care deals with the runner’s most treasured body part: how to keep them healthy, how to avoid infections and blisters in the first place, and how to treat foot problems if they develop in a race situation.

Running Ultramarathons: The Guide also provides an overview of the growing sport of ultramarathon running, including descriptions of the types of races and ultramarathon circuits that exist, with specific sections on multi-day racing and adventure racing.

Available: Fall, 2014



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