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Special report in from the IAU 100 km World Championships, Los Alcazares, Spain

Here’s a dispatch from Team USA runner Matt Flaherty, straight from the International Association of Ultrarunners 100 km World Championships in Los Alcazares, Spain: I was having a pretty solid day at the 100km World Championships until the last 20k. Hit 50k in ~3:22:30 and then dropped the pace the next couple 10k loops, and was looking pretty good for a 6:45 or so. But then my hamstrings started seizing up on me right before 80k. Had to take some

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race and Mt. Everest Challenge Marathon race report

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race ultramarathon India running Nepal

Once again, organizers of the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race and Mt. Everest Challenge Marathon have produced a perfectly orchestrated event, in spite of this ultramarathon taking place in a logistically challenged country. Registration is restricted at this race, especially in recent years, as one of the huts where racers stay at the race high point at Sandakphu (3636 m/12,000’) has burnt down. For 2016 – the 26th running of this race – there were 36 entrants. Six of those

Grand Canyon R2R2R: Running rim-to-rim-to-rim in a day!

This video showcases one of those bucket-list ultramarathon runs: the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Last May, a group of five ultrarunning buddies tackled this route, setting out in the dark to start their descent from the South Rim, down the South Kaibab Trail by headlamp. They crossed the Colorado River for the first time around 6:30 am, then headed straight up the North Kaibab Trail to the North Rim. They then turned right around, back down North Kaibab, to ascend by the

26th running of the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race in India this October

One of the longest-running staged ultramarathons on the planet, the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race is about to see its 26th year. This 5-day event takes place on the ridgeline that forms the border between India and Nepal, at elevations ranging from 6000-12,000′ (approximately 1800-3600 m). I ran this race three years ago – so I know what I am getting into! – and am excited that I will be back again this year to report for RunningUltramarathons. The event consists of

Desert running: Review of AR Desert Gaiters and The Rough Country Trail Running Gaiters

Desert gaiters are different in both design and function from regular trail-running gaiters. When running in the desert, fine sand can enter your shoe right through the fabric, and cause abrasions, blistering, or hot spots. This means that desert gaiters must cover the whole running shoe, not just the lace column. In this article, we’ll go through some of the things you need to know about desert running and selecting your sand gaiters, and we’ll also review two brands that

Cape Wrath Ultra, Scotland: 400 hard-earned km over eight days

Near-perfect weather conditions led to a higher-than-predicted finish rate for Scotland’s inaugural Cape Wrath Ultra – a 400 km staged ultramarathon through the rugged Scottish Highlands. Race report by Press Release, photos by Ian Corless. Marcus Scotney (UK), ran down the track towards the Cape Wrath lighthouse at 11:05 on Sunday 29th May, and was cheered into the finish of the first Cape Wrath Ultra™ by a small group of fellow runners, media, and race staff. Running strongly, he arrived in the lighthouse

Scotland’s Cape Wrath Ultra starts tomorrow: 400 km in eight days (with a bit of mountain!)

[By Rob Howard,] The inaugural Cape Wrath Ultra is about to begin and it is going to take 95 brave ultra runners on the journey of lifetime through the wild landscapes of North-West Scotland. The race is organised by Ourea Events, the company which revived the Dragon’s Back Race in Wales so successfully in 2012. That race is justifiably renowned as one of the world’s toughest multi-day ultras and the Cape Wrath Ultra is of the same pedigree –

Fat Dog 120 mile DNF: A story of both defeat and new inspiration

[By Karl Woll] Fat Dog 120 officially broke me, physically and mentally. For the first time in 55 races over the 5 years I’ve been running, I towed the start line of a race and was unable to drag my sorry ass over the finish line. I had met my match, and I posted my first DNF. As disappointing and upsetting as it was to walk off the course defeated and missing my goal race for the year, there were

Run Barcelona: Salomon’s latest film will inspire you!

I love using running as a way to explore a city. No time goal, taking your camera, stopping whenever you want for whatever you want – photos, snacks, chats with the locals, whatever! Forget the stupid crowded bus tours to see the sites. One of the great things about being an ultramarathon runner… you have the fitness to do this (and enjoy it!) Not to mention, it’s free. Salomon’s Running TV’s latest film “Barcelona” shows the joy of two runners discovering one of the world’s

Mexican racer missing, apparently dead of hypothermia at Ultrafiord

Mexican racer Arturo Héctor Martínez Rueda has apparently died of hypothermia while racing the Ultrafiord 100 mile ultramarathon in Patagonia this weekend. This situation is developing; Arturo’s body has not been recovered, and his family is still hoping that he will be found alive. Rescue efforts are in progress. It seems possible that there may be other racers still on the mountain, also in need of a rescue. [See updates, below]. This report is based upon information I can glean from Spanish-language

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