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LDSCN7777 is the place where ultramarathon runners of all levels, from aspiring to elite, can come together to find and share information and experiences.

We do our best to keep up-to-date with News from the ultramarathon world, from race announcements to athlete profiles. and to publish Race Reports from around the globe. We strive to be one of the sources that you come to, as an ultramarathon runner, with our Runner’s Corner –  where we publish articles on Training, Nutrition, Health, and Gear.

And we know that, for most of us, it’s not all about racing, or competing. Running can be travel, running can be social, running can be meditation, and running can be adventure. That’s why we have our Fave Runs section and our Video feature – where endurance runners (and photographers) can share their favourite trails and destination with the ultramarathon community.

We welcome your contributions to our columns! For guidelines, click Submit.

This site is maintained by runner and writer Jacqueline Windh, author of the upcoming book Running Ultramarathons: The Guide (to be released in Fall, 2014).

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