Interested in becoming a contributor to We’re happy to receive submissions, provided that you read and adhere to our guidelines below. We’re letting you know right now, there’s no pay for contributions, just the glory. (In other words, we’ll do our best to help promo you, and what you do, in return for your contribution). We’ll include your brief bio with your article and, if you want, we’ll link back to your blog or website. And if you become one of our “regular contributors” we will feature you on our Contributors page.

We’re especially interested in receiving your Race Reports, Race Announcements, Athlete Profiles and Fave Runs. We also have a Videos feature, where we link to great running videos from all over the world – we appreciate your leads, if you find a video that you think should be shared.

We’ll also consider contributions to Runners’ Corner  (departments: Training Tips, Health and Nutrition), but we’d prefer that you email us a proposal first, rather than send us an article out of the blue.

Please read the guidelines below before sending us anything! Then email us your submission or query. Please send text either saved as a Word doc (no fancy formatting!) or embedded into an email. Please send photos as separate jpegs attached to your email, not embedded into a document.


Race Reports

Yes, we want to receive your race reports! Your race must be an ultramarathon, i.e. minimum distance 50k run. (Well, we will run the occasional marathon report if it really is a unique and challenging trail race). You don’t have to actually run the race – we’re also happy to receive reports from friends, family, and support crews who were there. If you are a race director… well, we may run your report if there is no other option, but we’d much rather that you request one of your attendees to write it for us.

Please look at our Race Report submission guidelines.


Race Announcements

Race directors and race organizers, here is your chance to promote your race to our dedicated audience of ultrarunners (yes, for free!). In photos, and in between 100 and 600 words, tell us about your upcoming ultramarathon races.

Please – before sending us anything, review our Race Announcement guidelines.


Fave Runs

This photo-driven feature is a chance for you runner-photographers to get out there and show off your favourite running routes to the world. Your photos can be crisp professional-quality shots, or they can be dreamy instagrammed images. We don’t care – as long as they have some sort of WOW! factor. Send us a bit of info about the route, and that’s it!

Here’s more info on our Fave Runs submission guidelines.


Athlete Profiles

We know there are some amazing runners out there. And not meaning just that they are fast (although some are). Some have very interesting stories… what life circumstances led them to becoming the runner they are today. And we love to share those stories! If you know a runner whose story you would like to tell, get in touch! We prefer that you query us first, but if you want to just read (and follow!) our submission guidelines and send us a story out of the blue, that’s OK too.

Please look at our Athlete Profiles submission guidelines.



Running is action, and what better way to show that than through film! Our Videos category links to running videos from all over the world. And there are some great videos out there! If you find one that deserves to be shared, email us the link (that’s runningultramarathons at gmail dot com).


Runners’ Corner

The aim of Runners’ Corner articles is to provide articles that provides well researched and useful and accurate and current information that is of use to runners of any level (from aspiring to elite) who are training for an ultramarathon. Categories for Runners’ Corner are: Training TipsHealth and Nutrition.

If you with to submit to Runners’ Corner, you should have some level of expertise or professional accomplishment in the subject you are writing about. You may be a working pro in the field (e.g. a professional coach or exercise physiologist or nutritionist) who is writing from your background of formal training and professional experience. Or, you may be a meticulous sports journalist who assembles that information through reading reliable sources and/or interviewing professionals or researchers.

Please read our Runners’ Corner Submission Guidelines.



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