Jacqueline Windh

LsqAngels Staircase 050corrJacqueline Windh may be a mediocre ultramarathon runner. But she’s a dang good researcher and writer, not to mention a best-selling author. And she knows a lot about endurance sports!

Jackie has been reporting on adventure races and ultramarathons for SleepMonsters, the world’s largest adventure racing medium, for a decade now. Which means that she has not only interviewed many of the world’s top endurance racers and ultramarathoners, she’s also observed them in action. She’s learned from them: how they select their gear; how they do their nutrition; and how they train. And she’s seen, first-hand, their successes and their failures – and what does and doesn’t work.

On top of that, she’s got a Ph.D. in science. That means she’s pretty skeptical about a lot of the info out there. She doesn’t rely on hearsay, or go to dubious websites, for her information. She fact-checks, and she goes straight to the sources: the published scientific studies, and even to the scientists or researchers or coaches themselves. That way she knows she’s got the most up-to-date and accurate information about preparing for and running marathons, ultramarathons, and adventure races.

Jackie has written for print magazines including Runner’s World, Trail Runner, Ultrarunning Magazine, Canadian Running Magazine, Breathe, Outpost, and more. She’s the former “Trails’ columnist for RunLiveLearn. She is author of four books, one of which is a Canadian best-seller.

Her newest book Running Ultramarathons: The Guide (to be released in Fall, 2014) promises to be the most well researched and authoritive source on everything runners need to know about running ultramarathons.

Jackie is also an ultramarathon runner, so she does have first-hand experience in running ultras. She’s just a slow one (but, as she likes to point out, a consistent one – she finishes!). She’s completed a bunch of multi-day races, her favourite kind of ultra (including Costa Rica’s Coastal Challenge (230km), Guadarun on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe (150 km), and the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race) as well as several 50ks. She’s hoping to move up to her first 50 miler in the coming year.

Jackie lives on Vancouver Island, where she hits the trails regularly with her husband Dave and their two dogs. Find out what they’ve been up to lately at Dave and Jackie Run.


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